Stobart Group has come a long way in the last few years.  After a business restructure in 2014, today the new streamlined Group operates a range of important infrastructure and support service businesses in key locations throughout the well-performing biomass energy, aviation and railway maintenance sectors. 

08 2016



09 2015


Stobart Energy secures its target of supplying 2m tonnes per annum of biomass by 2017/18 under long-term contracts.

14 2014


Stobart sells its Transport and Distribution division as part of a strategic partial realisation. Stobart Group retains a 49% share with DBay controlling 51% of the Eddie Stobart business which operates privately with William Stobart as Executive Chairman and Alex Laffey as Chief Executive Officer.

London Southend Airport is voted best in the UK for a second year running.

15 2013


Stobart’s London Southend Airport is voted best in the UK.

Stobart Fest attracts 20,000 people.

Eddie Stobart announces major Tesco contract.

17 2010 - 2012

2010 - 2012

2010: Stobart Biomass Products is formed to source and transport sustainable biomass.

          ‘Eddie Stobart: Trucks & Trailers’ airs on Channel 5.

2011: Stobart Group takes full control of Stobart Biomass.

2012: Stobart acquires Autologic Holdings, the UK’s leading vehicle logistics company.

          Strategic investment in Propius (aircraft leasing business).

19 2006 - 2009

2006 - 2009

2006: First Stobart-Rail freight service is launched.

2007: The LSE-listed Stobart Group is formed.

2008: Stobart Group acquires London Southend Airport.

2009: Stobart Group enters the FTSE 250 category of leading businesses.

          Carlisle Lake District Airport is acquired.

21 2000 - 2005

2000 - 2005

2001: William Stobart leaves Eddie Stobart Limited to become a shareholding Director in WA Developments.

2004: WA Developments International acquires Eddie Stobart Limited.

2005: Eddie Stobart wins its first Tesco Distribution Centre contract and introduces a striking new livery for the fleet.

22 1990s


Following a series of successful contracts W A Tinkler Building Contractor becomes W A Developments, completing large civil engineering and railway infrastructure contracts across the UK and Europe.

By the late 1990s the company’s turnover grows to over £20 million a year.

23 1980s


Stobart family friend Andrew Tinkler helps out at Carlisle depot with occassional truck cleaning and maintenance duties.

The business expands significantly, opening depots across the UK. This consistent, rapid growth helps make Eddie Stobart one of the UK’s best-known brands.

Andrew Tinkler serves apprenticeship as a cabinet maker and goes self-employed, forming WA Tinkler Building Contractor.

24 1970s


The business incorporates, becoming Eddie Stobart Limited, on 23 November 1970.

Eddie Stobart’s son, Edward, drives the Company’s transition into road transport and warehousing.

Eddie’s youngest son, William, leaves school in 1979 to join the growing family business.

25 1960s


Founder, Eddie Stobart, goes into business as an agricultural contractor in the isolated Lake District village of Hesket Newmarket, Cumbria.