Stobart Energy

Stobart Energy

Stobart Energy is the number one supplier of biomass in the UK, sourcing and supplying fuel to biomass plants under long-term contracts. We already secured contracts to exceed the 2m tonnes p.a. supply target by 2018.

 We are a market leading business with both the logistics and supply expertise required to deliver sustainable volumes efficiently. Our ability to source, process, supply and transport waste wood and other waste derived fuels, means that we are unique, while our strong Group balance sheet places us as one of the most prominent and ‘bankable’ long-term fuel supply businesses in the UK. Our import and export capabilities, further strengthen the offering.

A significant challenge for Stobart Energy is ensuring the availability of fuel supplies to underpin our long-term contracts. We have therefore targeted specific power plant developments for waste wood and other waste derived fuels, which are well spread geographically. In addition, we have invested in large scale processing sites; Widnes, Port Clarence, Rotherham, Pollington and Tilbury, which are capable of processing and managing over 1m tonnes of waste wood per year.

We intend to secure other strategic sites for new waste fuel processing facilities as part of our strategy to enhance our supply chain and achieve a target for processing in-house of around 50% of the total fuel supplied. We also work closely with the Environment Agency to ensure that our processing sites are correctly permitted and operate to the highest environmental standards. With the waste wood biomass supply chain developed, we are now looking to develop a similar supply chain for Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).

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